NIIT and SUNY Cooperation Project Further Promoted

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Located in the U.S. state of New York, State University of New York (abbreviated as SUNY), is the world's largest public higher education system. SUNY has opened nearly 7,300 courses at different levels, the scope of teaching covering levels of associate bachelor, bachelor, master, doctor, etc.


Our institute (NIIT) has begun cooperation in logistics management education projects with SUNY since 2015. In June this year, we ushered in the second batch of foreign teaching team of four teachers. Not only have they brought logistics professional knowledge and skills and numerous professional cases, but they have opened up new models of instruction. They integrate advanced teaching ideas into classroom teaching, apply ingenious and unique design, and attach great importance to students' autonomous learning and their ability to discover and solve problems. In the meantime, they drive the students to actively participate in classroom learning activities by means of comparing and analyzing Chinese and American practical cases.


As a result, changes have taken place in the study habits of Chinese students in Sino-foreign cooperation programs, and they become more active in exploring and deep thinking.The lively classroom model not only stimulates the students' interest in learning, improves their study of professional knowledge and skills, but also promotes their ability to read and express in English.