Teachers and Students from German Vocational Institutions Come to NIIT for Short-term Exchange

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In order to promote cooperation and exchanges in the field of Vocational Education between Jiangsu Province and Germany, under the guidance of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and entrusted by the State Office of Chinese Language, NIIT undertook the 2018 Chinese Bridge short-term exchange activities for students from German vocational education institutions.


Divided into two parts: cultural experience and vocational skills observation, the activities lasted for a week,


In Chinese calligraphy class, the foreign students were full of interest, listening carefully, practicing boldly, so they quickly grasped the basic skills of using Chinese writing brush and completed their own calligraphy works. In Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Language class, the teacher explained Chinese traditional culture through various details of life, so that the foreign students had a deep understanding of Chinese etiquette and diet. In Taijiquan class, the instructor made the foreign students master the basic motion of it by means of dismantling, correcting and repeating exercises. At the end of the course, the students were still lost in the scene and wanting more.


In the industry center, the students observed the excellent course Digital Electronic Technology and visited the exhibition of electronic product design and production. Teachers and students of the German delegation expressed that the teaching method of integrating theory with practice, i.e. using both hands and brain, is very helpful to the cultivation of students' creativity.


Before the end of the exchange, representatives of teachers and students from China and Germany gathered to hold a forum in a relaxing atmosphere. Through putting questions to and discussing with each other, the students got an in-depth understanding of the vocational education system, the present situation of vocational education development, and the learning and living conditions of vocational education institutions in both China and Germany. The event is like a bridge that bridges the gap between the Chinese and German people and further promotes the exchange of Vocational Education between China and Germany.