Trip of NIIT to Mongolia and Russia to Carry out Activities of Enrolling Foreign Students.

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In order to promote the international cooperation and exchanges between NIIT and the countries along the Belt and Road, team members from the International Education Department, Zhao Qiu and Chu Yang, were sent to Mongolia and Russia to give enrollment lectures to potential foreign students to China.

The team held talks in Mongolia with principals of Ulaanbaatar National 23 Middle School and 84 Middle School. About 300 students were organized to attend the lectures. The team members interviewed some students on the spot.Subsequently, they paid a visit to Ms. Munkhuu TSOGZOLMAA, Director of Education Bureau of Bayanzor District, and ENKHJARGAL Khaltar, Vice-President of Mongolian University of Science and Technology, to share features of educational systems and have discussions on educational exchanges between the two sides.

At Synergy University in Russia, the team met with Mr. Aren Manukyan, Vice-President. About 200 university students were organized for the enrollment lectures and interview venues were provided. Many students expressed their willingness to come to NIIT to learn Chinese.At Moscow State Engineering University and Peter the Great Polytechnic University, the team members not only shared views with the director of the International Department of the university on the education system and the exchange of teachers and students between the two sides, but also met with some students.

The lectures made both middle school students and university students in Mongolia and Russia know about NIIT, which played a positive role in both expanding the diversity of nationality of foreign students to our school and improving the quality of the students.