The delegation of MICT SETA visited our Institute

Delivery time:2019-09-23Views:43

Mr. Ernest Neme, Project Manager of MICT SETA, and Mr. Zhou Ruoyu, Manager of CCIEEC (Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Center) visited our Institute on the morning of September 19th, and the relevant staff of International Education College received them and participated in the meeting.

On behalf of the project management team, Zhao Qiu, Dean of International Education College, expressed his warm welcome to the leaders of MICT SETA and CCIEEC. Zhang Ping, Deputy Dean of International Education College, introduced the overall operation of the cooperation project and the situation of South African students majoring in cloud computing and mechatronics.

Mr. Ernest Neme expressed his gratitude to NIIT for its hospitality. He said that the good operation of the project has given the partners more trust and confidence. He also expressed his gratitude to the Computer and Software College and Mechanical Engineering College for their efforts in arranging teaching work for the students, and the two sides could deepen cooperation in more specialties and fields based on this.

Later, Mr. Ernest Neme entered the classroom, had a cordial talk with the students from South Africa during the break time to learn about their study and life in NIIT, and also encouraged them to make good use of the precious time in China to acquire more knowledge and skills.

The two sides also held in-depth discussions on the teaching, living, and internship arrangements of South African students, and explored the follow-up cooperation in more specialties.