Delegation from South African Industry and Manufacturing Training Agency Visited NIIT

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On November 4th, a delegation from the South African industry and manufacturing training agency visited NIIT. Secretary of the Party Committee Wu Xuemin, deputy secretary of the Party committee, President Xie Yonghua and vice president Huo Xiongfei respectively met with members of the delegation.


The delegation first visited the industrial center and the dormitory for international students, and then the welcome ceremony was held at 10:30 a.m. in the conference room on the first floor of the auxiliary section of the administrative building, presided over by Vice President Huo Xiongfei.


Mr. Adams Wayne, director of the South African industry and manufacturing training agency, Principals from eight Vocational Colleges in South Africa, Mr. Lu Zhilei from China Center for cultural and international education exchanges, Ms. Dai Wenhong from Confucius Classroom in South Africa, and relevant personnel from the International Office and Department of international Education attended the meeting.


Vice President Huo Xiongfei extended a warm welcome to the South African delegation. He introduced the running of NIIT, especially the school-enterprise cooperation, enrollment and employment, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Vice President Huo Xiongfei said that NIIT had provided high-quality teachers for overseas students of South Africa cooperation projects, customized talent training programs, hoping to train more and more South African students, through learning and practice, into real and useful talents.


Mr. Adams Wayne expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and admiration for the achievements of NIIT. He said that when visiting the industrial center, he found the training conditions, especially the technology and scale of the equipment of NIIT had surpassed many universities in South Africa, and the teachers' practical ability to guide overseas students was also very strong. He expressed his pleasure at the smooth progress of the cooperation project and hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation and enhance interschool cooperation between South Africa and China's vocational colleges.


Mr. Lu Zhilei said that the exchange center will continue to play a good role as a link between South Africa and China's vocational education, provide more high-quality resources and projects, and strengthen the depth of cooperation between the two sides.


Subsequently, the principals of Vocational Colleges from South Africa also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with NIIT on innovation and entrepreneurship, international track, school-enterprise cooperation, teacher training and other topics.