NIIT Overseas Students’ Specialty Construction Seminar & TSP” Project Application Meeting Held

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On December 26th, NIIT seminar on overseas students’ specialty construction and Jiangsu Talent Selection Program application meeting were held in 301 of the Administration Building. Vice president Huo Xiongfei and the chiefs of related departments such as International Cooperation and Exchange Department, College of International Education,College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Aeronautics, etc. attended the conference.


In response to the national Belt and Road initiative, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province is implementing “Jiangsu Overseas Talents Selection Plan to enhance the brand quality of Study abroad in Jiangsu and accelerate the cultivation of outstanding overseas talents studying in China.


Introduction about the project background and the application requirements was given by chief of the College of International Education. Delegates to the meeting had a lively discussion on the TSP implementation and project application. Based on the display of recruitment of overseas students’ and related specialty construction in recent years, two programs from the specialties of International Business and Electronic Information Engineering Technology are selected to take part in provincial level Talents Scheme application.


Subsequently, vice president Huo Xiongfei put forward new requirements for the work of overseas students. First, we should change our way of thinking, follow the Belt and Road initiative, and improve quality and increase efficiency step by step in recruiting and cultivating international students. Second, cooperation of relevant colleges and departments should be strengthened. The excellent talent selection plan should serve the goal of internationalization and highlight the professional features of NIIT.