A World Cultural Tour Without Leaving Home – Lecture Series by Foreign Teachers in May

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In order to create a good international atmosphere for our teachers and students, provide opportunities for face-to-face exchanges with foreign teachers, improve their English listening and speaking ability, and understand the culture and local customs and practices abroad, the International Education College arranged for foreign teachers to give a series of lectures in English this semester for all teachers and students of NIIT.

The lecture series, mainly given by Jose Areekadan from Canada, Osei Anokye Obed from Ghana and Fatima Saria from Sweden, lasted for a month in May, at least once a week, covering the cultures of various countries and the Chinese in the eyes of foreigners. In addition to lectures related to the culture, history, geography and so on of their own countries, they also talked about China in their own eyes, how to deal with difficulties encountered in the process of learning, and how to develop self-confidence, etc.

The foreign teachers prepared their lectures carefully and interacted with students enthusiastically. A total of 500 people took part in the cultural tour. In addition, Areekadan Jose from Canada gave a lecture specially for the teachers of International College Education on Canadian education system and the status of teachers in Canada.