Professional Settings (brief version)

Professional layout and structure

Professional Group

Professional Direction

Industry- oriented


 (Recruiting   overseas students)

Automatic machine and   automatic line (production automation)

Mechanical and   electrical equipment manufacturing industry

Logistics automation

Application and   maintenance of CNC equipment

Mechanical design and   manufacturing

Die design and   manufacture

Computer-aided design   (CAD)

Mechanical manufacturing   and automation (numerical control)

Automobile Application

Automobile   manufacturing and assembly

Automobile   manufacturing and maintenance services

Automotive electronics

Vehicle inspection and test

Electrical Automation

Industrial electrical   automation

Electrical and   electronic equipment manufacturing

Building automation

      Lighting automation

Process control and   Automation Instrumentation

Energy systems and   automation

Heating ventilation   and air conditioning engineering technology

Electronic Information Engineering (Recruiting overseas   students)

Electronic   Engineering Information Technology (intelligent electronic display   technology)

Assembly and   debugging of electronic products

Medical Electronics

Electronic   measurement and instrument

Communication   Engineering

Communication   technology

 Computer Communications

Software technology

Recruit overseas   students

Software design and   Application

Software and   information industry

Software Testing Technology

Computer application

Computer network   technology

Computer information   management

Computer multimedia   technology

Digital multimedia   technology

Graphic information   technology

Online game design

Embedded system and   information appliance

Embedded system   design

Information appliance

Intelligent toy

Industrial design

Product modeling   design

Industrial design and   animation design industry

Environmental art   design

Film animation

Film animation

Animation design and production

Visual communication   art

Computer art design

Advertising design   and production

Visual communication   art design

International Trade

Business English

International   logistics and import and export trade, engineering management, hotel and   exhibition, foreign-related tourism and other services

Import and export   business

International trade   affairs

Tourism management

Exhibition and hotel   management

Foreign-related   tourism


Investment and   financing

Accountant (CPA)

Engineering   management

Real estate   management and valuation

engineering cost

Construction project   management

Business   Administration

Marketing Management

Enterprise logistics

International Logistics