About the Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Projects

Jiangsu Higher Vocational College BatchEnrollment Code: 1651

The Sino-foreign Cooperative Education of NIIT strictly complies with the “Regulations on Sino-foreign Cooperative Education” bythe Ministry of Education. Logistics Management specialty, cooperated with Gobel Ekil Agricultural and Technological Institute of the State University of New York, is a characteristic specialty in Jiangsu Province and also a advantage major of the cooperative university.At present the mode of 3 + 0 is adopted, that is, after the freshmen’s admission, in addition to the same treatment with other students, they have the privilege of enjoying the 30-students small-class teaching environment, which is more elegant. Meanwhile, foreign professional teachers come to China to teach in pure English a third of the general curriculum. After meeting the requirements in English of the cooperative foreign University, students can go abroad for further study; but whether or not to go abroad is voluntarily chosen according to their own personal situation and choice.


The American Cooperative school is an undergraduate university. Through this project, students can get diploma of associate degree in China and certificate of completion of the United States. The United States recognizes the credits of 73 courses learned in China and the students going to Gobel Ekil Agricultural and Technological Institute of the State University of New York only need 2-3 years’ further study to get their undergraduate diploma.

Logistics (Sino-foreign cooperation education) (Logistics Management) Main courses:

Courses offered by Chinese teachers: Modern Logistics Management, Logistics Service Marketing, Purchasing Management, Warehousing and Distribution Practice, Transportation Practice, Logistics Cost Management, Logistics Information Management, International Trade Practice, International Freight Forwarders, IOT Technology Application, Logistics System Planning and Design, Chain Management, Logistics Technology Comprehensive Practical Training, Logistics Operation Comprehensive Training, ERP Sand-table Comprehensive Training, Warehousing and Distribution Design and Implementation, Specific-job Practice and Graduation Project, etc.

Courses offered by teachers coming to teach in China selected by Gobel Ekil Agricultural and Technological Institute of the State University of New York: Statistics, Business Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, International Logistics, English Correspondence in Foreign Trade, Business English Listening and Speaking, IELTS, Comprehensive  English Skills, etc.

Employment direction: Work at planning and management of posts such as procurement, warehousing, distribution, transportation, order processing, customer service jobs in the center of the large and medium-sized chain distribution centers, warehousing, transportation management, or express companies, etc.