Nanjing Vocational University of Industry Technology

International Volunteers



Welcome to become an international volunteer with NUJIT, you will be involved in a rewarding international volunteer journey.


We have created a variety of different types of volunteer work, each valuable to the development of the local community, and with so many options to choose from, there is a program that will suit your interests, personal skills and experience level for international volunteers of any background!


Every project we set up is also specifically designed with the needs of the local community in mind, with the aim of benefiting the community, making a real contribution and helping to achieve sustainable development in the region.


Advantages of participating in our international volunteer programs include:


-You can choose the start date of your project


-You can choose the length of your international volunteer program, from one week to one year, to fit your schedule


-Become part of an international volunteer team and meet other volunteers from all over the world


-Our instructors are professionally trained to ensure full safety and support during the volunteer's life and service


The program fee for each volunteer includes.


-Volunteer certificate




-Three meals a day


-Travel and medical insurance


-Local transportation to and from the destination airport


-Orientation briefing by experienced staff upon arrival of volunteers


-Transportation to and from the project workplace


-24-hour support services from local full-time staff


-Emergency assistance from our international emergency response team in case of emergency


-Equipment and materials needed for the project, including access to our database of thousands of resources


-Supervisors/supervisors at the workplace


-Training and workshops conducted by experienced instructors


-Regular social events and community activities with other volunteers


-Free cultural orientation sessions


-Visa support and advice


-Dedicated volunteer advisor to assist with pre-departure preparation


-Join our volunteer groups to share information and stay in touch


-High school volunteer camps, youth camps and special short-term programs also include weekend trips


-High school volunteer camps also include 24-hour accompaniment by full-time staff


-Regular, youth and professional programs also include support to help you complete registration or internship paperwork (if needed)


Program fees do not include: airfare and visa fees (if volunteers need to apply for a visa)